9205 LCD Digital Multimeter

Digital LCD Multimeter

Funktion Bereich Genauigkeit
DC Voltage 200mV-1000V ±(0.5%+-5dgt)
AC Voltage 200mV-750V ±(0.8%+-3dgt)
DC Current 2mA-20A ±(0.5%+-5dgt)
AC Current 2mA-20A ±(1.0%+-3dgt)
Resistance 200Ω-200MΩ ±(0.8%+-1dgt)
Capacitance 2nF(2000pF)-200µF ±(2.5%+-3dgt)
Diode Test Yes
Transistor Test Yes
Continuity Buzzer Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Data Hold Yes
Power 9V Battery 6F22
Maximum Display 1999
Product Net Weight 320g
Products Size 195x93x38mm
Standard Accessories Messkabel


  • High accuracy
  • Large rational folded LCD display, button release lock
  • Digital height 25mm
  • Single 32 position rotary switch for FUNCTION and RANGE selection, allows fast and convenient operation
  • Curvilinear mode soft case
  • Colored indication jack with fully protection test leads
  • Lower overage power Auto-power Off
  • Data hold for easy reading
  • Modell: 9205DMM
  • Versandgewicht: 0.35 kg

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