HS-1144-BGS Main Blade Grip Spacer (4x20x1mm) - 4pcs

HS-1144-BGS Main Blade Grip Spacer (4x20x0.5mm) - 4pcs

need a quality 1mm spacer to mount your main blades correctly? this is what you are looking for...contains 4X of 1mm thick spacers with a 5mm bolt hole. if you need 1mm of spacers, place 1 spacer above the blade and 1 spacer below the blade and slide into blade grip and then insert bolt!
  • Qty: 4pcs
  • Size: 4mm x 20mm x 1mm

Application: Any helicopter that uses a 4mm blade bolt.
  • Modell: HS-1144-BGS

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