MH-TX4102 Precision CNC Zahnrad mit NSK Freilauf

The Precision CNC Main Gear with Auto-Rotation Hub is designed to improve the performance over stock main gear. The main purpose of this upgrade is to provide true, round and un-wobbled main gear. The complete set comes with a new designed CNC main gear with better material than stock main gear. This material will make the gear stronger and therefore it is not easy to wobble. It is produced by CNC machines so it is absolutely true and round. Throughout testings to select best material for the main gear, we finally chose this material over our famous blue material that we used to make upgrade gears for all of the helicopters. The CNC auto-rotation hub is also designed to house the clutch bearing securely and functions as a bigger and stronger base for the main gear. With the new design, the whole unit is now much stronger than stock set up.

At the center of the main gear is a new high quality NSK clutch bearing. NSK bearings are very high quality bearings which made in Japan and provide unsurpassed quality over stock bearings. Good clutch bearings will definitely play an important role in the true and smooth operation of the main gear. Throughout testings we finally conclude that NSK bearings are most suitable to achieve smoothness and true performance for the T-REX main gear.

This Precision CNC Main Gear is the very last necessary item for T-REX. It is designed to improve performance on the T-REX 450X/XL/SE helicopters.
  • Modell: MH-TX4102
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