MH-TX5001MBT-Rex 500 Main Shaft Bearing Block w/ Thrust Bearing

The precision aluminum main shaft bearing block is designed with radial and thrust bearings to keep the vertical thrust load away from the radial bearings. The main shaft bearings blocks with thrust bearings will reduce the chance of bearing seizing during hard 3D manuveurs. This design is a safety feature for the ALIGN T-REX 500 helicopters. However, it is also strenthening the frame and are very precise to avoid any play in bearing blocks which can cause play and glitch. Silver anodizing version
  • Requires: Loctite screws when assembly
  • Weight: 34.5g
  • Usage: T-REX 500 helicopters ONLY
  • Instruction: -N/A
  • Features: New design for thrust bearings to remove thrust load away from radial bearings in the main shaft bearing block Very high quality ABEC-5 bearings provide total fitness and smoothness High precision CNC parts to eliminate any play in bearing block 100% Precision CNC machined Aluminum, strong and stylist
  • 2 x precision aluminum main shaft bearing block special designed for thrust bearings
  • 2 x high quality ABEC-5 radial bearings
  • 2 x high quality thrust bearings
  • Modell: MH-TX5001MB
  • Versandgewicht: 0.035 kg

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