MH-TX5142 T-Rex 500 Precision CNC Tail Rotor w/ Thrust Bearings

-Two (2) aluminum blade grips
-One steel tail rotor hub
-Two (2) radial bearings
-Two (2) thrust bearings
-Two (2) lock nuts
-Hardware included
-Loctite all screws when assembly
Weight: 20.8g
Usage: -T-REX 500 helicopters
Instruction: -Include in the package
Features: 100% Precision CNC machined Aluminum
Equipped with thrust bearings and radial bearings

Very light weight and stylish design.
Very precise to reduce and eliminate all play in the tail rotor system
Hardened steel tail rotor hub
Lock nuts for tail rotor screws are provided for extra safety
  • Modell: MH-TX5142
  • Versandgewicht: 0.02 kg

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