MSH51129 Policarbonat Haube Custom-Painting

MSH51129 Policarbonat Haube Custom-Painting

New Polycarbonate SEMI painted canopy; has some parts not painted and ready to be customized by final user with their favourite color. Semi painted are very similar in color scheme as the fully painted canopies, only difference is that the orange parts are left transparent to be customized. Customizing is very easy, just spray from the inside a compatible policarbonate color of your choice, it takes 5 minutes.

Both polycarbonate canopy have a clear protection film to be removed, on the semi painted it is used so that no masking is needed when customizing with different color.

  • 1 x Policarbonat Haube Teil-Lakiert
  • Modell: MSH51129
  • Hersteller: MSH

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