OXP25-8002 OUTRAGE 2S1P 7.4V 800mAH 25C - XTREME POWER EP200

Kleiner LiPo für Helibeleuchtungen! The OUTRAGE XP Lithium battery packs set a new standard for high performance battery on the RC hobby market. OUTRAGE XP is the result of highest quality material, precision balancing and extensive testing. Extensive tested and demonstrated by team ROTORWORKZ USA, these OUTRAGE XP packs are proven to be extremely powerful and are very cool after flights. These batteries are surprisingly very well balanced right from the factory and are very compact resulting to one of the lightest batteries on the market. With low price, low weight, high performance and 50% crash replacement within 6 months of purchase, these batteries are most highly recommended by top pilots. Very light weight and very high capacity, these receiver packs are ideal for pilots that seek high quality receiver packs for their stunning flights without having to recharge the receiver packs every day.

Tested by World Top 3D Pilot Henry Caldwell. Highly recommend by Henry Caldwell for the Hurricane 200 helicopters.


  • Capacity: 800mAH
  • Size : 12x25x72 mm
  • Weight : 42g (With Wire)
  • Pack Configuration: 2S1P
  • Voltage: 7.4V
  • Extremely powerful
  • Very light weight compared to all other available packs on the market
  • Very compact size
  • Very long flight time per charge
  • No puff
  • GAUI Hurricane 200 helicopters
  • E-flite Blade CX/CX2 helicopters
  • E-SKY Lama 2,3,4 helicopters
  • Cool Light
    • Modell: OXP25-8002fl
    • Versandgewicht: 0.042 kg

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