T-Rex 700 Anlenk Set QuickUK

Hochfeste Delrin Kugelköpfe und Edelstahl Kugelbolzen

This kit can be used to replace the original Align control balls and joints with Quick UK high strength Delrin moulded links and stainless steel control balls, main blade pitch balls and flybar control arms.


  • Replacement plastic links - Part # H2032
  • Replacement control balls - Part # HP-01 (short)
  • Replacement control balls - Part # HP-02 (long)
  • Replacement control balls - Part # H2030 (servo)
  • Replacement blade pitch control balls - Part # TX7H-081
  • Replacement flybar control ball arms - Part # TX7H-031
  • Das Original Gestängeset HN7063 vom T-Rex 700 wird benötigt
  • Modell: TX7C-07
  • Hersteller: QuickUK

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